Strategic Consulting

Territorial marketing

Attract and establish new residents, companies and tourists with an attractive and unique identity.


Your needs

Our team will support you in the development and implementation of a territorial marketing strategy that best meets your needs:

  • Acquire new players for your area (residents, companies, tourists, traders, etc.).
  • Understand the needs of residents, companies and tourists to develop tailored strategies.
  • Involve local players (politicians, tourism professionals, population, companies) in your project to understand their needs and develop a territorial ambassador network.
  • Develop a new identity and stand out in the context of intensified territorial competition. 
  • Develop a policy for territorial attractiveness. 
  • Justify and legitimise your residential, economic or tourism projects to the population.

Our solutions in 5 steps

  1. Understanding: Diagnosis

    Analyse your territorial identity.

    Define the strengths and weaknesses of your area.

    Understand your territorial positioning to develop strategies that stand out against the competition.

  2. Understanding: future perspective

    Given the opportunities and risks identified, jointly select the scenario or scenarios that are suitable for your area.

    Assess the impact of various possible attractiveness scenarios.
  3. Plan: strategy and vision

    Select the preferred development scenario (client's choice).

    Identify the most important residential, economic or tourism segments and meet their needs with your strategy.
  4. Action: action plan

    Create a list of attractiveness measures to be developed.

    Develop an identity, marketing and communication strategy as well as a user-oriented policy guide.
  5. Action: implementation

    Support the implementation of the territorial marketing strategy.


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