Strategic Consulting

Strategy and planning for public infrastructures

Analyse the needs of your residents and public service users to develop a suitable and efficient strategy and planning for your infrastructures.

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Your needs

Our team will support you in the planning of your infrastructures:

  • Anticipate your future infrastructure requirements.
  • Develop a training and/or supplementary training plan.
  • Carry out a utilisation audit of your cultural, socio-cultural or sports infrastructures.
  • Plan the development of your facilities for more senior citizens and/or children.
  • Define the public services to be rendered in a particular context.
  • Assess the overall impact of your development projects on the public finances.
  • Assess the economic equilibria of your projects.
  • Choose the operational modalities suitable for the situation (self-financing, public-private partnership, building law, etc.).

Our solutions in 5 steps

  1. Understanding: diagnosis

    Create an overall balance sheet of the load conditions of your infrastructures and your public facilities: Early childhood care, school, health, culture, sport, socio-culture.

    Create a portrait of the usage patterns of your public facilities.

    Define the strengths and weaknesses of your infrastructures by means of a multi-criteria matrix.
  2. Understanding: future perspective

    Plan, quantify and qualify the future need for public infrastructures: Early childhood care, school, health, culture, sport.

    Given the identified opportunities and risks, jointly define the appropriate scenario or scenarios for your area.

    Assess the social and economic challenges and effects of different possible development scenarios for your infrastructures.
  3. Plan: strategy and vision

    Define together the target groups to address in anticipation of needs of various public types.

    Select the preferred development scenario for your infrastructures/strategy (client's view).
  4. Action: action plan

    Create an action plan for the development of the public infrastructures over the course of time.

    Provide a decision aid tool to formalise vision and objectives.

    Support the implementation of your development strategy.

    Develop a target-group-oriented marketing and communication strategy.
  5. Action: implementation

    Implement the strategy, if necessary by means of an active land policy in line with the strategy and action plan: 
    Acquire land
    Sell land or dispose of it by means of a "request for proposal" via an investor tender process.
    Develop projects on your own land in your capacity as principal.

    Implement flanking public policies.



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