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As an international real estate service provider, CBRE advises on investment in, and also the marketing and operation of, industrial and logistics properties.


Minimising risks and leveraging potential

Demand for commercial industrial and logistics properties exceeds the limited supply, which means that investment decisions, marketing and operations all need to be considered carefully. Robust analyses and intelligent maintenance are the best things for realising existing potential.

Globalisation is constantly increasing the worldwide flow of goods, and fragile supply chains have made storage more important. The boom in online retail is also putting pressure on the logistics industry, with demand for logistics real estate vastly exceeding the limited supply. Industrial and manufacturing properties are also in demand. The economy may be suffering from global crises in the short term, but it generally recovers. Businesses also need suitable premises for new processes and digital transformation.

Comprehensive range of services

As a leading global real estate service provider, we offer integrated solutions for the entire life cycle of industrial and logistics space such as warehouses, distribution centres, business parks and production facilities. Our range of services is tailored to the needs of industrial and logistics companies - from advice on optimal portfolio strategies to transaction, facility and energy management, and from environmental and industrial services to modernisation. We also advise on repurposing and also purchases and sales, including the relocation of manufacturing facilities and sites. Our overall aim is to optimise our clients' real estate strategies, achieve value growth, minimise risks, reduce operating and energy costs and secure the best results in marketing, leasing, acquisitions and disposals.

Research and market knowledge for investment decisions

We use our experience in the field of industrial and logistics space to help our clients identify technical upheavals and market trends at an early stage and to set the right course. Investment information from our research team contributes to this just as much as the market knowledge of our well-connected advisors. 

  • Transactions: our consultants carry out technical condition assessments, environmental due diligence (environmental compliance, contaminated sites and deleterious building materials) and also maintenance and utilisation cost analyses to support transaction decisions. This allows us to minimise risks and operating costs.
  • Project management: together with CBRE’s global network of experts, we advise on development projects and modernisations, and the repurposing of manufacturing and logistics space. We also offer location and supply chain advice, financing and portfolio strategy development, subsoil investigations and environmental solutions for drinking water quality and radon pollution.
  • Facility Management: industrial and commercial properties have a wealth of technical systems that must function to optimise the efficiency of processes and logistics chains. As one of the world's leading service providers for Integrated Facility Management and Industrial Services we help minimise plant downtime, reduce operating costs and ensure safe and compliant operations.
  • Worldwide reach: with our presence in more than a hundred countries, we provide cross-border facility management services through our outsourcing partnerships. Our qualified Technical Facility-Management technicians work according to uniform service standards and look after both large international portfolios and individual assets. In Industrial Services, our expertise ranges from the maintenance of business-critical production facilities and contracting and energy optimisation to machinery and production relocations.


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