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Create better patient outcomes and healthier communities through our total lifecycle real estate and facility solutions for the global healthcare industry.


Leading global real estate services provider with healthcare expertise

CBRE is the only real estate service provider with proven personnel and data resources for the healthcare sector, and owners, operators, investors and lenders have been using our healthcare experts’ valuable information for years. In our offices around the world, we offer unique market knowledge on healthcare properties for nursing care, rehabilitation, acute care, medical centres, medical supply centres and other types of specialist properties.  
Our Research teams observe the healthcare property markets and their development around the world, which helps them to deliver valuable information and precisely researched recommendations to our clients. The continuous analysis by our research specialists and the market transparency that this analysis achieves has proven itself to be indispensable, in particular for location or investment decisions on healthcare properties.

Worldwide Healthcare Expertise in the Field of Investment

CBRE is the worldwide leading real estate consultant for healthcare properties with a team of experts deeply involved in investor markets both at home and abroad. When it comes to transactions, they are the most experienced healthcare property experts by quite some distance. 

We are the ideal partners for all issues related to healthcare properties. Portfolio managers take advantage of our expertise for the sale of social properties and we also frequently support real estate operators with the sale of their portfolios in the form of sale and leaseback mandates. Another area of focus in our spectrum of services is commercial real estate consultancy for M&A transactions in the healthcare sector. The operator market is currently in a prolonged trend of consolidation, which is increasingly affecting how investors view healthcare properties and are attracting more and more foreign actors at all levels. These days, most investors have an international background and come with institutional money or are market-listed special investors in the healthcare market.

In today’s market, there is currently no evidence of any decrease in volume per transaction or in the annual total, and it remains characterized by a sustainable excess demand. We maintain a careful overview of this constantly changing market for our clients and lay the basis for the successful conclusion of the project with solid process management and an in-depth understanding of the product.

Project Management in the Healthcare Sector

With our Healthcare & Science project management sector, we take responsibility for all delegable building construction tasks and see ourselves as a business-oriented partner for the building constructor. Where necessary, we actively intervene to ensure that the project goals are optimized and are always achieved.

To this end, we have years of experience with the particular space requirements and operational procedures involved with the healthcare sector. In addition to the award procedure for architects and engineers, our areas of focus also include financial consulting for funding procedures and ensuring that budgets and deadlines are not exceeded. The relevant standards and individual ranges of work for planners and engineers are key factors if a project is to keep to its scheduling and budgetary constraints. We prepare invitations to tender for architects in the healthcare sector and take responsibility for the evaluation of existing properties with renovation concepts.

Real Estate Assessment in the Healthcare Sector Requires Specialists

Because of the increasing transaction volumes and the continued professionalization of the healthcare market, the appraisal of nursing care properties is one of the most rapidly growing areas. Our appraisal experts from our Valuation Advisory Services (VAS) department, with their combined career experience of over 33 years and outstanding specialist knowledge, carry out an appraisal of healthcare properties and portfolios.

In 2016 alone, our VAS appraisers evaluated over 200 nursing homes containing over 19,000 beds and with an aggregated market value of approx. 2.1 billion euro. Along with our appraisal services, our market expertise is underscored by frequent exchange with market players and comprehensive access to market and transaction data.

Technical Due Diligence for Healthcare Properties

We provide our clients with unique and comprehensive specialist real estate knowledge in the field of healthcare properties. Within the framework of our structured transaction processes, we carry out technical due diligence checks for both buyers and sellers, which give us a well-informed overview of the technical condition of the building structure and the in-house facilities. We also identify and quantify structural risks and risks related to the legal requirements that apply to the property (for example, planning permission, fire protection, recurring checks or other building requirements). Last but not least, we provide comprehensive consultancy to our clients with regard to possible strategies for risk optimization and how to best implement these strategies.
As a professional and experienced real estate service provider, we are the number one choice for any queries related to healthcare properties. We are a globally active real estate consultancy company and have extensive international references for our comprehensive experience in the healthcare sector. 
We would be happy to personally provide you with information about our services in the healthcare property industry. Get in touch with us and arrange an appointment.


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