Strategic consulting

Economic development strategy

Maintain the economic dynamics of your area as well as the vitality and attractiveness of your centres.

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Your needs

Our team will help you find the right solution for the needs of your area:

  • Create an economic development and business promotion policy in your area.
  • Translate the needs of your companies into customised policy measures.
  • Assess, meet and plan for the commercial space requirements of your existing and future companies.
  • Negotiate public-private partnerships with project sponsors in development areas.
  • Justify and legitimise your economic development strategy to the population.
  • Position the economic development of your area in the context of the intensified territorial competition.
  • Enhance your potential to be economically attractive with a territorial marketing strategy.

Our solutions in 5 steps

  1. Understanding: diagnosis

    Analyse the development of your economic and business pattern as well as the location dynamics in the context of a territorial economic approach.

    Quantify and qualify future demand for commercial areas: administrative, commercial and/or industrial areas.

    Create a portrait of the consumption and customer frequency habits in your area.

    Define the strengths and weaknesses of your area in terms of economic attractiveness.

    Analyse the market price level.
  2. Understanding: future perspective

    Jointly determine the appropriate scenario/ scenarios for your area, taking account of the identified opportunities and risks.

    Simulate the challenges and effects of different possible economic development scenarios.
  3. Plan: strategy and vision

    Jointly define the types of companies and business/services you intend to address in your development strategy based on an accurate understanding of their needs.

    Select the preferred economic development scenario (client's view).
  4. Action: action plan

    Draw up a list of operational development and economic development measures.

    Develop a company/target-group-oriented identity as well as a marketing and communication strategy.
  5. Action: implementation

    Support the implementation of your development and economic development strategy.

    Implement an active land policy in line with the strategy and action plan.

    Acquire land

    Sell land or dispose of it by means of a "request for proposal" via an investor tender process.

    Develop projects on your own land in your capacity as principal.

    Implement flanking public policies.



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