Strategic Consulting

Market and (new) positioning studies

Design an attractive and differentiated project that meets the needs of the target groups thanks to a contextual quantitative and qualitative market analysis.

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Your needs

Our market and positioning studies convey a comprehensive understanding of market trends and allow us to offer you a customised residential, commercial, administrative, craft, industrial or hotel programme. This enables you:

  • To identify strengths and weaknesses of your property or project in order to achieve a viable and profitable project.
  • To anticipate the expectations of future tenants or owners in order to develop an attractive project.
  • To ensure an optimised transaction to meet the needs and expectations of target groups.
  • To create a financing plan for your project.

Our solutions in 5 steps

  1. Understanding: Diagnosis

    Create a portrait of regional market dynamics.

    Assess the residential and non-residential market for your new or repositioned property in relation to competitive supply as well as the potential demand.

    Define the strengths and weaknesses of your new or repositioned property at the micro and macro level.

    Analyse the market price level.
  2. Understanding: future perspective

    Identify potential target groups.

    Create the development scenario for the site with regard to financial, sociological and architectural terms according to the needs of identified target groups.

    Identify the "USPs" (unique selling proposition) of the project.

    Compare strengths and weaknesses of different scenarios using a multi-criteria table.
  3. Plan: strategy and vision

    Select the preferred development scenario (client's view).

    Define the target groups together to aim for in anticipation of the needs in the various segments (residents/companies/businesses etc).
  4. Action: action plan

    Define a qualitative architectural programme to maximise the project acceptance by the target groups (typologies, materials, atmospheres, public spaces, interior architecture etc.).

    Provide a quantitative programme mix, presenting rent levels of the different programmes and their areas.

    Develop a target-group-oriented identity as well as a marketing and communication strategy.
  5. Action: implementation

    - Calculate the value of the land/project/building
    - Estimate construction/renovation costs
    - Develop the project
    - Market the areas
    - Sell
    - etc.


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