Portfolio Strategy

Portfolio Services

As a global real estate services provider, CBRE has many years of experience in portfolio management. Our commercial real estate specialists are well-versed in portfolio analysis and understand how to assimilate complex client portfolios transparently, identify existing potential and reduce costs. The result is that our portfolio management service provides our clients with portfolio transparency and an efficient and optimised portfolio of commercial real estate as a basis for sustainable corporate growth.

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Professional property management

Our portfolio management team advises companies and groups on every kind of real estate portfolio issue, and offers individually optimised solutions for the management and future orientation of their portfolios. Our goal is always to identify existing potential, reduce costs, and ultimately to optimise the performance of our clients’ properties. We know what matters in portfolio management better than anyone else. Our worldwide portfolio services staff of over 800 represent the interests of global corporations and manage more than 150,000 leases, with an annual rental income of EUR 6.05 billion.

By entrusting services to CBRE, our clients not only reduce costs but also minimise risks. We deal with every landlord and subtenant issue which could affect your commercial properties, freeing you to concentrate fully on your core business. Ultimately, an efficient and optimised real estate portfolio is a significant factor in achieving sustainable business growth. The larger and more complex a property portfolio becomes, however, the greater are the challenges in maintaining an overview and achieving transparency – and the more important it is to have a strong partner to manage the portfolio of existing commercial properties.

Portfolio analysis leads to savings

We are market leaders in carrying out portfolio analyses. Our data analysis and data evaluation specialists identify valuable information about our clients’ commercial properties. Current information on portfolios can be retrieved quickly, and portfolio management can be simplified. This allows us to offer companies and groups portfolio management solutions which are optimally tailored to their individual needs in relation to every aspect of their real estate portfolio. We also optimise future options for the orientation of our clients’ commercial real estate portfolios.

Our experts use powerful analytical tools to identify potential efficiency savings and align real estate portfolios with corporate objectives. Our portfolio analysis can save our clients up to 20% of their commercial property costs.

To date, CBRE’s portfolio management services have identified and facilitated total savings of EUR 71.2 million for commercial property occupiers. We ensure that critical deadlines are not overlooked, that rental payments arrive and that all leasehold obligations are performed.

Our global network also allows us to provide worldwide portfolio management services to our international clients. We manage our clients’ commercial properties in every location, using our local on-the-ground market knowledge.

Our services for your portfolio

  • Data management/lease management: data is key! We input and manage data from the entire real estate portfolio using a central database. Our clients have direct access to the database, which creates transparency in relation to all the important information concerning their property, such as the type and duration of the lease. Reports from this database give clients a swift overview of important deadlines and time frames, such as when amendments to the lease take effect.

  • Estate management: we take on all aspects of the ongoing management of your real estate portfolio, from operational and contractual relationships with landlords and, if applicable, subtenants and other partners. We work closely with our clients’ internal interfaces to optimise workflow as part of a process of continuous improvement.

  • Portfolio analysis/optimisation: based on portfolio data, and using tried and tested analytical tools, we identify opportunities and risks within your real estate portfolio, combined with strategic recommendations which our team can implement as part of its transaction management service.

  • Transaction services: we support and co-ordinate all the strategic and operational transaction services for our portfolio services clients which can become relevant throughout a property’s entire life cycle, and also those which we have identified via our portfolio analyses and optimisation services.

  • Integrated portfolio services: outsourcing and support for CREM activities - assembling and providing packages of services tailored to you and your portfolio and your individual requirements, using the above services as building blocks and supplementing them as necessary with other services from our other business lines, e.g. Facility Management or Workplace Solutions.