As a globally active real estate service provider, CBRE has years of experience in portfolio management. Our commercial real estate specialists are well-versed in portfolio analysis and understand better than anyone how to transparently record client portfolios, recognize existing potential and reduce costs. With our portfolio management, our clients achieve transparency and efficiency in their commercial real estate portfolio – the perfect basis for sustainable company growth. 

Professional real estate management
Our Portfolio Management team advises companies and concerns in all queries related to real estate portfolios, and offers individualized and optimized solutions for the management and future orientation of their properties. We are always striving to recognize existing potential, lower costs and optimize our clients’ real estate performance.

By taking advantage of CBRE services such as rental invoicing, portfolio analysis and other portfolio-related tasks, our clients not only save money, but also avoid risks. And since we look after all issues related to letting and renting for their commercial property, they are free to concentrate fully on their core business. After all, an efficient real estate portfolio is a significant factor in achieving sustainable company growth. But the bigger and more complicated a real estate portfolio becomes, the more difficult it is to maintain transparency, and the more important it is to have a reliable partner for the professional portfolio management of current commercial properties.

Portfolio savings and efficiencies

Our data analysis and evaluation specialists provide valuable information on our clients’ commercial real estate. Current information on real estate portfolios can be quickly accessed, and portfolio management can be simplified. This allows us to offer portfolio management solutions to companies and concerns that are optimally adapted for their individual requirements for any issues related to their real estate portfolio. We can even develop the right approach for the future orientation of the commercial real estate holdings of our clients.  

Our experts use powerful analysis tools to evaluate efficiency potential and coordinate companies’ goals with their real estate portfolio. Our portfolio analysis can save up to 20% of commercial real estate costs for our clients. We ensure that important deadlines are not missed, all rental payments arrive and all lease obligations are met. 

Thanks to our global network, we are also in a position to offer portfolio management services to international clients around the world, and regardless of where our clients’ commercial real estate is located, we bring local market knowledge to our on-site management. 

Our services for your portfolio:
  • Data management/rental management
  • Customer accounting
  • Transaction services

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