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Portfolio and Asset Management

CBRE offers its domestic and international clients active and value-oriented portfolio and asset management for individual assets and entire portfolios.


Actively shaping value enhancement potential

Assets must be actively looked after and commercially and technically managed at property and portfolio level to maintain and increase their value. This requires knowledge and experience of the various asset classes. Performance improvements can be achieved only by implementing feasible leasing concepts and optimising cost structures and through effective property management. Of course, the structure of the portfolio must always be analysed and adapted to reflect changes in the market. 

Value-oriented portfolio and asset management - for individual assets and entire portfolios

We offer our domestic and international clients active and value-oriented portfolio and asset management for individual assets and entire property portfolios. We have many years of experience and specialist expertise in the commercial and technical management of properties in the office, retail, logistics, hotel and shopping centre asset classes. Our teams develop tailored solutions for our clients and implement them successfully. Our ultimate aim is our clients’ economic success. As part of the European and global CBRE Portfolio and Asset Services division, we also offer high-quality asset management services to cross-regional investment clients. 

All-round service for all operational and strategic functions

Our teams of experts work with our clients to develop concepts tailored exclusively to their individual needs and strategies. Our portfolio and asset management work focuses on the value of the properties and safeguarding the strategic interests. To us, asset management is a comprehensive service covering all operational and strategic functions, and is tailored to the particular property. 

  • Performance improvements: our real estate asset management activities are consistently geared towards improving the performance of individual assets and portfolios. Our services include developing and implementing targeted strategies, profitability and performance analyses, and optimising portfolio structures. 
  • Leasing concepts: our portfolio und asset management activities are aimed at increasing our clients’ portfolio values. We develop appropriate leasing strategies, implement measures effectively and focus on long-term objectives. This includes conducting regular reviews of improvements in an asset’s performance. Besides adopting an appropriate leasing approach, our experts focus on optimising costs and, in the case of acquisitions and disposals, on organising and providing the relevant data. 
  • Oversight of property managers: our real estate portfolio and asset managers undertake all the management activities required to increase the value of our clients’ portfolios. These include actively planning, managing, implementing and controlling every process. We also prepare forecasts and oversee the property management and controlling teams and all the third-party service providers. 
  • Property disposals: our experts can also advise on sales processes and provide support with data preparation, the compilation of marketing and sales documentation and target group identification - with the goal of achieving the best result for our clients.


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