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Landlord Leasing

Capitalise on tailored, comprehensive marketing and leasing strategies that create value across all commercial real estate asset classes.



We position today’s real estate to meet tomorrow’s demands through specialised insight from our landlord representation advisors, workplace strategists, construction and development experts, predictive research analysts, and niche specialism practice groups. Our relationships with global occupiers—including more than 90 of the Fortune 100 companies—give our professionals proprietary insight and a knowledge base that’s unique in the marketplace.


CBRE employs real-time data and insights to drive measurable outcomes that are aligned to investor objectives. Tracking over 60 major markets worldwide, our leasing professionals are experts in:

  • Global, national and local economics
  • Market and tenant movement trends
  • Demand drivers
  • Customer and trade area analytics
  • Brand strategy
  • Workplace trends
  • Deal negotiation

Connect supply and demand

Your space may not be completely suitable for a successful rental yet. That could be because installations are no longer up to date, the interior is outdated, or changes need to be made to make it more sustainable. We collaborate with you to look at what is needed to optimise the office space and who is needed to make those changes. We maintain close contact with our subject matter experts within CBRE to bring substance to strategy. We find suitable experts together for the output, from both internally and externally. That way, we ensure that your offer fits within the target group seamlessly.