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Valuation for cross-border transactions worldwide.

Valuation International
As a service provider with global operations, CBRE is a market leader in international real estate valuation. Our consultants and experts work in more than 50 countries all over the world and have know-how and access to data on the international markets that are hard to rival. Highly qualified international teams of experts work on behalf of our clients and produce reliable results, also in the valuation of complex portfolios.

More than any other company, we are able to bridge time zones, language barriers and cultural differences due to the international nature and positioning of our teams. CBRE clients are provided with top-notch services in real estate valuation, whatever the case may be.

Our CBRE experts in international real estate valuation are specialized in residential and commercial properties across all sectors. For many years, operators, investors, owners and lenders have vested their trust in the broad knowledge base and sound valuations of CBRE consultants and experts. The assets and collateralizations in which CBRE was involved in providing consultancy and real estate valuations are worth more than 800 billion Swiss Franc.

Advantages for our clients

Our customers benefit from the proven track records of our specialists for international real estate valuations who work on the basis of a central platform. They are equipped with comprehensive know-how, have years of experience and therefore arrive at informed and precise valuation results. CBRE experts are always up to date on current developments in the international real estate markets. All CBRE valuation teams are also able to deliver precise valuations of extensive international portfolios within a short time window. An in-house monthly index allows our experts to access comparisons with the Investment Property Databank (IPD) at any time. CBRE was the first company in the sector to introduce the technology for reporting via Extranet. We work closely together with numerous leaders in the various sectors across different disciplines within a well-organized global network. The CBRE network for international real estate valuations and consultancy services is the most extensive in the sector. It was specifically created for the purpose of cross-border transactions and pools our teams’ knowledge of the local markets in an optimal manner. This offers our clients unparalleled accuracy and efficiency regardless of whether they operate in Switzerland, the wider EMEA region or elsewhere in the world.

Experts for the world

CBRE can demonstrate a unique and long-standing track record in the field of international real estate valuations. Our experts regularly carry out valuations for more than 70 large funds, including two thirds of the leading investment trusts in the UK and numerous listed real estate investors in the EMEA region. In these tasks, our consultants work with the data of leading international market research institutes. They know all the data from the capital markets as well as they do data from the immediate environment. We value international portfolios of any kind. Our experts also manage accounting operations, mortgages and lending, as well as secure loans.


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