Capital Markets

Purchase and sale of residential properties

The purchase and sale of residential properties relies on know-how. CBRE’s teams have in-depth knowledge of the market and decision-makers, and manage the entire process.


Keeping an eye on the whole market

The purchase and sale of residential properties relies on know-how and networking: only those with an extensive knowledge of the market and its decision-makers can manage and launch every transaction optimally and quickly.

Ultimately, the decisive factor is experience in the market, and that is why we depend on a transaction team which has worked together in its current form for over a decade. These experts know the many decision-makers and the local markets. They are also networked with our other teams, who play a key role in the residential economy. We provide every solution under one roof, minimising the work for our clients.

In what areas are we active?

To start with, we can advise you on every type of land, forward deal and residential property and portfolio transaction. We then ensure that the investment is implemented quickly and in a targeted manner.

Who are our clients?

Our clients include Swiss and international developers, portfolio owners and financial investors. In recent years we have also managed numerous real estate transactions in the corporate sector.

What is our approach?

We work in a professional and targeted manner, with a core focus on our clients’ objectives. This includes, for example, exceptionally fast and reliable data and process management. Ultimately our clients benefit from our many years of experience in the targeted implementation of real estate transactions.