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We create innovative solutions for every capital need. We rely on comprehensive transaction expertise, solid relationships with lenders, and proprietary technology.


Expert contacts for all questions regarding structured credit financing

Real estate financing is undergoing a transformation. On the one hand, banks have tightened their requirements for borrowers and interest rates. On the other hand, new alternative lenders and financing options have emerged. To find the optimal financing, a great deal of market knowledge and experience is required.

This makes real estate investment much more complex, and the financing process requires professionalization. As the world's leading real estate service provider, we advise and support investors in all aspects of structured real estate financing.

Broad spectrum: Through our contacts with banks as well as venture capital providers, credit and opportunity funds, insurers, pension funds, and family offices, we offer you a very broad range of financing solutions. 

From a single source: As a central point of contact, a seasoned and experienced financial expert from our Capital Advisors team is at your disposal. They will answer all your questions about your real estate financing at any time and coordinate all internal services. 

Global presence: In particular, when financing pan-European portfolios, we work closely with our teams in other European countries. 

Individually optimal solution: Through our experience, market knowledge, contacts, and internationality, we enable you to obtain the optimal real estate financing for you.


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