Corporates often face significant challenges when dealing with issues related to real estate, from the search for a suitable location, building or space to comprehensive lease management. For our clients, real estate transactions and lease management are generally not the main focus of their business – but we are ready to professionally handle these matters on their behalf. By taking care of the commercial properties of our corporate clients, we allow you to focus completely on your own core business. 

A wide range of tenant representation services is available
In the field of tenant representation, we provide corporates with the development of strategies, management of their commercial property portfolio as well as management of purchasing and sale mandates and the development of sale-and-leaseback strategies. In addition, we take control of lease acquisitions, lease terminations, extensions and modifications. 

Cost savings – efficient portfolio management
We help companies to gain a complete overview of their commercial property portfolio and competently advise them in all queries related to portfolio management or portfolio strategy.  We develop a strategy for the property portfolio of our clients that is tailored for the company’s current and future space requirements. In addition, we facilitate the lowering of systematic transaction costs and increase rises in value. It won’t take us long to identify where the savings will come from. 

A sale-and-leaseback option, for example, is one of several measures that could help increase value, and optimized lease management is at the forefront of these measures. When planned for the long-term and consistently applied, it helps lower premises expenditure, and with effective implementation we can also keep transaction costs low. Improvements to transaction procedures can produce on average savings of up to 20% of costs for our clients. With all of these measures, our experts help our clients to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Lease negotiations and lease management for companies and property users

We know how to create efficient transaction procedures for commercial properties. This allows us to ensure that our clients receive the best possible deal for new contracts and extensions or renegotiations of commercial leases. With our professional lease management, savings can be made on transaction costs, and compliance with contractual services can be ensured. On the basis of the tenant representation mandate, we ensure that the best interests of the company and the property user are represented to the landlord. 

We guarantee efficient transaction management to property users. This saves both time and money for our clients – whether it’s for a one-off transaction, within a global management structure or as part of lease management of your portfolio and lease obligations.

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