For industrial companies, a seamless production process is a top priority in order to be competitive on the global market. As a specialist in industrial services, we help our customers to increase the availability and profitability of their machinery and installations and permanently reduce maintenance costs. We offer a wide spectrum of industrial services - from optimisation and maintenance of infrastructure and business-critical production facilities, to production relocations, and to specialist services such as pipework and apparatus construction. All this allows our clients to once again focus on their core business.

Global standards and local industry experts
As a global integrated real estate services provider, we guarantee our clients both on a national and international level high global standards for legal certainty and workplace safety. No matter where companies base their production, our innovative tools and standardised processes ensure transparency and efficiency in daily operations. We also provide our clients with a single, dedicated point of contact who can provide assistance when unforeseen circumstances occur. In Germany and Switzerland, our clients can rely on the specialist knowledge of 550 experienced industrial experts who are well acquainted with the country-specific norms and legislation for industrial infrastructure and production plants. This unique combination of global standards and local expertise makes us a reliable partner for safe and efficient operation of our clients’ production facilities and associated technical assets.

Production Maintenance
Our service covers the full life cycle of an installation: from commissioning to servicing, inspection, repair and improvement through to decommissioning and dismantling. We provide our clients with a bespoke, efficient maintenance strategy. Thanks to our knowledge – supported by mobile technologies – we can carry out maintenance works efficiently and through a paperless process. Therefore we can detect breakdowns more quickly and then document and rectify them in accordance with the law. This keeps unexpected stoppages and production downtime to a minimum and reduces costs. Error analyses allow us to derive improvement works and continuously further develop maintenance strategies so that we can competently support our clients as they implement their Industrial 4.0 strategy.

Our Industrial Services include

  • Pipework and apparatus engineering
  • Electricals and automation
  • Calibration and management of testing equipment
  • Check of portable electrical equipment according “VDE”
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Relocation of machines and production facilities
  • Reliability engineering
  • Maintenance planning
  • Planning of plant shut-downs

As an integrated service provider, we also support our clients in achieving their sustainability targets by detecting energy wastage and optimising energy consumption. What’s more, we also help clients to find, rent or buy suitable production premises and industrial plots. With this wide-ranging know-how, we are able to optimise the full life cycle of industrial properties and their associated technical installations.

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