What is a property worth? The answer to this question is decisive for the success or failure of purchase negotiations, for instance. Problems may arise if buyers or sellers have ideas that are not in line with the quality standards associated with valuing properties. An informed, objective property valuation based on knowledge of the market and expertise should therefore be performed ahead of any transaction closure.
CBRE values property also outside buying and selling processes. Our experts prepare reliable valuations in the event of capital market transactions, financing and for accounting purposes.

Reliable real estate valuation
With access to detailed and extensive market and transaction data in the regional and sector-specific real estate markets, CBRE is second to none in the reliable valuation of real estate throughout Switzerland and across the globe. Over the past five years our team with FINMA accredited and RICS registered values have prepared valuations of more than CHF 45 billion in volume. 

We carry out the valuation of real estate portfolios and individual properties in the context of buying and selling processes and for financing purposes (market and loan-to-value analyses). In addition, our experts perform valuations in the context of capital market transactions (IPOs, capital increases and bonds, for instance) or financial reporting. We also have comprehensive know-how in IFRS accounting. The valuation standards that our experts deploy at the highest level include IVSC – International Valuation Standards – as well as RICS Valuation Global Standards, among other systems. Similarly, we are familiar with valuations that comply with Swiss GAAP FER, the Swiss Valuation Standards (SVS) and Standards required by FINMA. Our valuation reports are written in German, French, English or Italian as determined by the needs of the client. 

Valuation of large-scale real estate portfolios
Our teams from CBRE’s Valuation Advisory Services are familiar with valuing individual properties and, equally, large-scale real estate portfolios. Along with the conventional valuation of properties and real estate portfolios, and with a leading position in accompanying capital market projects, CBRE’s Valuation Advisory Services also focus on innovative and digital product developments leading to efficient and state-of-the-art processes for our clients. 
Our strengths include the long standing experience our experts have in valuing real estate across all sectors. Whether residential, office, retail, industrial or logistics real estate, residential property, hotels, luxury residences, retirement homes or care homes, healthcare facilities or buildings for student accommodation, clients will always find the right experts at CBRE. Known as experienced experts for the Swiss property market, our valuation team frequently prepares Second Opinions on third-party valuations, e.g. when required by FINMA.

Our Services

Valuation and Advisory Switzerland

Valuing real estate across all sectors throughout Switzerland.

Valuation and Advisory International

Valuation for cross-border transactions worldwide.