CBRE assists building owners in the energy transformation of their real estate assets

In 2021, the Swiss Property portfolio has consumed 45% of the energy utilized in Switzerland. Today, almost 1 million homes are in urgent need of energy retrofitting*. And you, what is the situation of your portfolio? Do you have real estate assets in Switzerland that should be renewed? 
Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your existing space? Perhaps you are looking to develop a new building or reposition an existing one and would like advice on the optimal specifics to adopt, as well as how to mitigate risks throughout the delivery process? If so, we can help.
In a particular global context rocked by the various crises, the issue of "impact" investing to maximize the environmental and social utility of projects is becoming inevitable. ESG investment seems to have risen to the occasion of the crisis, and sustainable financial products have proven to be safe havens for many investors.
The country's large landowners are playing a critical role in this sustainable and resilient transition. The challenge now is to identify the risks and opportunities associated with change and adapt the estate accordingly. Ensuring optimal performance while mitigating the impact of buildings on the environment is the mission CBRE offers. Through our various service lines, CBRE is at your disposal to help you implement this sustainable real estate strategy throughout the life cycle of your investments.  

The Building Consultancy is the business line in charge of strategic development and project management. Our teams intervene upstream of projects through technical audits, feasibility studies and the creation of teams of agents for real estate development. Construction, renovation and workspace development have been CBRE's core business for decades, both internationally and in Switzerland. Other sectors have also been developed to meet the growing demand for housing, business buildings of all types and mixed-use buildings. We put our expertise at the service of public and private clients, whom we assist in the realization of their projects.

Let's seize the opportunity to have a lasting and beneficial impact on the Swiss real estate of tomorrow!

360° range of services

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At the asset level
- Audit (Identification of global and individual improvements, Implementation of objectives)
Individual Analysis
Rental status vs. market rent
Cost Structure vs. Objectives
Technical analysis
Document Collection 
Property Analysis
Strategic definition (Mature action plan proposed to owners)
Action plan to reduce rental reserves, maximize revenues and reduce costs 
Planning over time: DCF, retain/sell
Development strategy: renovations, project development, 5 year CAPEX 
Leasing strategy
- Strategic implementation (Action plan implementation)
Dashboards and objectives submitted to the boards. 
Instruction and follow-up of the régies (recurrent process)
Putting the property up for sale
Development of the property
- Reporting and communication (positive results reported in full transparency)
Action plan and financial planning (DCF)
Specific actions or events to be reported

At the portfolio level 
- Audit
Communication decision making process 
Management structure, tools and processes
Litigation, vacation rates, re-rental policy
Management quality: technical and administrative
Works and budgets
Strategic definition
Identification of economies of scale  
Portfolio action plan 
Portfolio diversification: usage and geographic
Establishment of investment and divestment criteria 
- Strategic implementation
Acquisition: active search for assets in line with the defined strategy
Call for tenders (economies of scale)
Strategic meetings with investors (PV)
Regular meetings with managers (PV)
- Reporting and communication 
Financial consolidation
Quarterly and annual reports
Risk management
Consolidation of portfolio budgets
Audit results

*Source: SuisseEnergie